Beginning of CommandDash - AI Autopilot for Flutter

Started as an experiment, FlutterGPT is now becoming a full-fledged coding assistant to reimagine how Flutter devs build apps ✨

Beginning of CommandDash - AI Autopilot for Flutter

We're living in an era of change. Everything from how we search the web to brainstoming ideas is changing. And now with CommandDash, so is the way to build Flutter apps. ✨

Elephant in the room, Github Copilot exists, so why a coding-assistant only for Flutter???

Github Copilot undeniably shaped our imaginations on what LLM-powered coding looks like. Code Completion and chatting with AI to get programming help was unimaginable once, but has now become basic. And, this is just the beginning.

As devs, writing code only makes up 10% of our work. Understanding where to add that code, debugging it for errors, and iterating and fixing until it meets the task requirements accounts for the important 90% of the job. And this is where, we introduce CommandDash.

CommandDash - Mini Engineer Vision

CommandDash, is your single-command assistant that can not only write code, but run and debug it on it's own. This allows Dash AI - IDE extensions to assist beyond code completion, and autopilot entire tasks for you.

Imagine asking: "Implement this JIRA ticket for me":

Being able to build internal MVPs of mini-engineer capablilties was a breakthrough which convinced us to make CommandDash a reality for every Flutter Engineer.


LLMs like Gemini are a lot like brains. They can understand intent, do complex reasoning and can write code snippets. But to get an LLM to function like a developer, we need to provide it the same access as we human devs have.

Comparison of tooling access between Devs and CommandDash
Comparison of Dart tooling access between Devs and CommandDash

By integrating with the analyzer, compiler and the VM of Dart, we can provide LLMs with all data they need to sucessfully execute any development task.

CommandDash is already live on VSCODE in pre-release with some exciting features. And, we are thrilled to share the Github Roadmap for building the complete autopilot for every Flutter developer in the next 6 months.

You may ⭐️ star the repository to stay tuned with new-release and become a part of the autopilot movement for Fluter Developers.

CommandDash Team