CommandDash - Expert agents in your IDE

Introducing framework to build your own agents or use from 100s of available Dash Agents in marketplace for automating specific tasks. ✨

CommandDash - Expert agents in your IDE

We're moving into an era where systems are going to be agentic. You tell an agent to "Set me an appointment", "Call me an uber" and things get done for you!

But what about "Help me build an app with Gemini APIs" or "Setup stripe payment gateway in my NextJS app for me.".

To cater such requests, we need two things:

  1. Expertise with the packages (or tooling) you are working with.
  2. Full knowledge about your current codebase.

Introducing Dash Agents

Dash Agents are programming agents trained on the latest data sources (and are expert with the tooling) and runs from your IDE (hence knows your codebase).

This allows them to generate latest code contextualised to your codebase.

Using Dash Agents

CommandDash offers a marketplace to install from 100s of already available Dash Agents for top packages and APIs like Gemini, Langchain, Firebase, Stripe etc.

Using an activated Gemini agent in CommandDash

Build your own

The marketplace is growing, and you are invited to contribute.

With the Dash Agents Framework, you can setup a customized agents on your own data sources in a matter of minutes and publish for 1000s of other developers to use.

Your Coding Agents Destination

1. Open Source and Open Market

CommandDash is open-sourced and open-market. We operate on a BYOK model where anyone is free to use and publish their own agents.

We aim to ensure the marketplace is accessible to all and will make required steps to build a democratized agents ecosystem.

2. Connect multiple data sources.

Dash Agent framework enables you to provide your documentation links, github repositories and local files as data sources.

In future, we would also like the ability to connect with other internal sources like Notion, JIRA, Sentry, and custom webhooks.

3. Specialized Commands

Dash Agents can optionally provide user with commands that accept pre-defined String and Code Inputs from users and processed it into a defined series of steps to provide user the end results.

For example, you can create a command /generate that accepts user instructions and generates a boilerplate code for it following your defined steps.

4. Strong Framework

Dash Agents framework allows you to work with latest Gemini models and exposes methods for similarity, workspace search, contextual code extraction and more.

We keep innovating to provide you a strong and stable framework to build you agents.

5. Extendible to Cross tooling

As general copilots start to support agents, Dash Agent framework will also generate agents for them, with the data sources managed by CommandDash to provide you insights and improve the results of your generations from a single place combined across all tooling.

CommandDash is already live on VSCODE and is supporting agents for many popular tooling.