Once the command finishes processing, we can show user the result in the chat.


AppendToChatStep is a step that appends a value to the chat. It is the recommended way of sending a response back to the user.

class AppendToChatStep extends Step {
  AppendToChatStep({required this.value});
  final String value;
  • value: A string-interpolated mix of inputs and outputs to be appended to the chat.

Example usage:

final promptOutput = PromptOutput();
return [
  PromptQueryStep(prompt: 'Hi, what is the best way to add a List View in Flutter?', promptOutput: promptOutput),
  AppendToChatStep(value: '$promptOutput')

Representation of how the AppendToChat output renders in the Dash Panel.

Response from the agent in Dash Panel
Response from the agent in Dash Panel

It also provides you an option to copy and merge code snippets received in the response.