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Workspace Context

Dash Agents provide you the capability to extract and use code from the user's workspace while executing your commands.


WorkspaceQueryStep is a step that finds matching code snippets from the user's workspace.

class WorkspaceQueryStep extends Step {
  WorkspaceQueryStep({required this.query, required this.output});
  final String query;
  final MultiCodeObject output;
  • query: A string-interpolated query with a mix of inputs and outputs.
  • output: Stores the matching code snippets extracted from the user's workspace.

Example usage:

final userQuery = StringInput('Your query');
final matchingCode = MultiCodeObject();
return [WorkspaceQueryStep(query: '$userQuery', output: matchingCode)];

This could be helpful when you want to extract certain kind of code snippets - like existing existing implementation of your package across files as reference to suggest changes on top of.