DocumentationIntroduction to Dash Agents

Introduction to Dash Agents

Dash agents are custom programming agents in your IDE - designed to perform a defined task with expertise.

They can help you:

  1. Integrate 3rd party libraries and SDKs: Need to add a new library? Create a Dash Agent on it's latest documentation and examples.
  2. Generate code on your organization's knowledgebase: Dash Agents can be trained on your org's docs and repositories, and assist you in future development.
  3. Automate repetitive tasks: Do you find yourself repeating prompts? Turn those into simple commands.

With Dash Agents, we can save countless hours struggling with documentation or prompting copilots to do the same task again and again.

Using Dash Agents

CommandDash offers a marketplace where you can install a Dash Agent for your required use case

Open Marketplace with the `@` icon on the top right.
Gemini agent in the CommandDash marketplace.

After installing, you can then select an available command for the agent to start interacting with it. For example: @gemini /ask allows you to ask any questions on the latest Gemini documentation from the text field.

Gemini Ask Command Field

Which provides the response in the chat:

Gemini Ask Command Result

Create your own

The marketplace is still new and growing in the number of agents it offers - but that should not stop you if you don't find the appropriate agent for your task!

You can create your own agents by using the Dash Agents framework within minutes.

Framework Capabilities

Workspace UnderstandingRead and analyze user workspace code.
Information RetrievalSearch for relevant information across provided sources.
Multimodal and AccurateLeverages Gemini 1.5 Flash and PRO models.
Code Snippet AssistanceSnippets is response are highlighted with one click copy or merge.

Learn more about creating Dash Agents in the next section.