You can deploy your own Dash Agents and install agents created by others from the marketplace within the CommandDash IDE Extensions.

Publishing to marketplace

Agents published on marketplace are available to everyone.

Test Mode

Before publishing the agent to live, it is recommended to first try it yourself by publishing it as a test agent.

dash_cli publish --test

Once your agent has finished processing and is available to be tested, you will receive an email. This typically it takes 5 mins the first time. If the publishing fails, you'd be informed in the email.

Open Marketplace with the `@` icon on the top right.

Then, in your CommandDash extension associated with the same github account, go to the marketplace from the top right icon.

You'll find your agent market as [test].

Test agent available in CommandDash marketplace

Install the agent and test it from your Dash Panel. Once you're satisfied with the agent's functionality, you can publish it as a live agent.

  dash_cli publish

Now, the agent is available in the marketplace to installed by everyone.

Note: If you publish an update of your agent, first uninistall and then reinstall the agent from the marketplace.